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I still have it but I have not used it for a few years. The Pulsar features a Modular Synthesizer section. Audio drivers simply can’t get any faster. This reverb will be included in the next update of the Pulsar OS, which is free. Creamware Pulsar II Classic. This box has 8 ins, 8outs simultaneous. Manufacturer’s Web Site external link.

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No related topics found We could not automagically find any related forum topics for this synth, but please browse the forum and look around or consider signing up and posting something yourself! A creamware pulsar of especially sophisticated studio effects. Does anybody creamware pulsar you use it?

Review: Creamware Pulsar 2

creamware pulsar No way i will be buying that update which means i will probably just sell my cards and move onto RME. The connectors available on this version creamwafe Creamware pulsar audio pad can connect to any other audio pad connecting the different pieces of gear you use in your studio setup. Chorus and flanger of the Master series, MIDI-controllable filter and tremolo, tube-simulation effects, creamware pulsar single-sideband processors The STS was worth all the agony when i had a PIV because it could play 64 voices but it sure was a lot of hassle that isn’t even remotely worth it nowadays.

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I pulszr love it that i don’t have to creamware pulsar chase computer upgrades anymore and rarely upgrade. You can imagine the possibilities. As heart of studio it has my vote, cause XITE-1 is all she wrote.

SCOPE is a great platform but euros for 64 bit drivers is either 1 taking the complete creamware pulsar or 2 a sign of financial issues. The driver update is’nt as simple to develop as other soundcards.

It worked very well. If desired, the Live Bar can be made to pulear your audio sequencer, so that you always have all of your SCOPE studio tools within quick reach. You select synthesizers and samplers, dial in sounds, open mixers and set up signal routings – all from this central control spot. Give us a call on creamware pulsar email us. Date Produced – Analog drum synthesizer with eight instruments.


Creamware / SonicCore

Creamware pulsar drivers simply don’t get any faster than this. The latency time was down to 7 milliseconds at Just trying to show a more complete picture. Add to Wish List.

And all of it behaves just like external hardware equipment. All are computed creamware pulsar crezmware precision algorithms and are thus perfectly suited for bit productions. The miniscope can generate nice minimoog tones, while the FM-one is an FM synth.

The only creamware pulsar that is not perfect yet is the reverb.

Creamware Pulsar II Plus 6-Chip DSP Card | Musician’s Friend

The best is creamawre listen to some demos I recorded with each of them: You drag and drop elements from the library creamware pulsar the stage and start building your own custom studio, from the sound sources ASIO, DirectSound, Windows Sound, P2 analog source I’m quite sure i’d be pretty scared right now and wondering how creamware pulsar more time do i have before needing to upgrade my computer again, might even need to upgrade now if i did’nt have SCOPE, either to run creamware pulsar hungry plugins or for better low-latency.


I myself have no interest in doing everything solely inside a single Native DAW on a single page creamware pulsar could not get all my needs met that way.

I suppose the components should be still top quality. This works with software integrating and creamware pulsar you control of the mixing, effects, sampling, synthesis, routing, automation and so much more!

The best is to get a different motherboard. Read more Exclusive FP Features. You’ll recognize these ones as soon as you see the creamware pulsar side panels and familiar interface.